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5 Youtube Yoga Faves

I love Sundays. They’re my day of rest and recovery. My weekly workouts consist of 4-5 crossfit sessions, running 4-5 times and sometimes a little bit of gym time sprinkled in for targeted training. By Sunday, my body is begging for rest (and let’s be real, sometimes its begging for a break by Wednesday depending on the WOD schedule).

I’m a big proponent of active rest, so I usually use Sundays to move in a less intense, more intentional way. I like to get outside and enjoy a little nature therapy with a quick hike or some leisurely rollerblading. I also make a point to foam roll and engage in a light at-home yoga session. YouTube is a great resource if you’re interested in getting into yoga without the classroom setting (or the membership fees). I like to mix up my routine depending on my mood and soreness level, and there are tons of free options that you can check out. I tend to focus on yin/restorative or light vinyasa flows since my goals and the intentions that I set are based on meditation, stretching and recovery. With that in mind, below are my top 5 Youtube Yoga faves:

  1. Let It Go: This is a fun practice to help you release tension. I feel euphoric after this flow!

2. Into to Yin: Great for meditation and total relaxation, body and mind. It’s very easy to follow, even for beginners.

3. Runner’s Yoga: Great to balance out a tough training schedule. This flow was my secret sauce to stay sane during marathon training.

4. Up the Wall: So quick. So easy. So amazing for your legs. This is a practice that’s truly for anyone, even if you’re not into yoga. I love to do this right before bed.

5. 7 Day Yoga Challenge: Okay, so this one’s technically a series, but I love it. This challenges you to 7 days of yoga, practicing different kinds for only 15 minutes at a time. This is a great way to begin a yoga habit.

Do you practice at home? What youtube yoga videos should’ve made the list?

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