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Transitioning to Morning Workouts

On a cold, dark morning sometimes the call of the snooze button seems too powerful–especially if you haven’t formed a morning workout habit. I used to be an evening exerciser, but after more than 2 years of switching to morning fitness classes I could never go back! I like to get it out of the way early for a few reasons:

  1. I don’t have to turn down Happy Hour. If I waited until I got out of work to get my sweat session in, I would have to say no to last-minute evening plans or say no to my workout. Neither is an option that makes me happy.
  2. I have more energy. My mornings are extremely productive after a workout turns my brain “on”.
  3. I feel accomplished by 8 a.m.
  4. I get to catch a lot of beautiful sunrises that late risers miss.


I’ve also read plenty of articles about the benefits behind it. Here’s one, but just google “morning workout benefits” and see for yourself:


Inspired to give it a try? Here are my top tips to make the transition to morning workouts easier:

  1. Find a workout partner. If you know they’re showing up and expecting you, you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable.
  2. Pay for a workout class held at specific times. Again, the cost and “hard” time you need to show up will keep you accountable.
  3. Pack everything you need for the day the night before. This will save you a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning as well as make sure you don’t forget anything if your brain is a little foggy in the morning.
  4. Sleep in your workout clothes with your sneakers set facing the door. Call me crazy but it works (also if you have good quality, well-fitting workout clothes they’ll be the most comfortable thing you own).
  5. Read motivational quotes on Instagram while you have your morning cup of coffee.

Are you a morning person? What’re your tips?

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