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10 things you’ll find in my fridge

Inspired by Lauren Conrad’s “10 things you can always find in my fridge” post, I took a peek at what I always have on hand.


  1. eggs – I could eat eggs for every meal. I love them as a savory, filling snack. I also use them when making protein pancakes and have them on my bagel sandwich every Saturday and Sunday.
  2. kale – I keep kale on hand to saute up as a snack or add nutrients to any meal.
  3. unsweetened vanilla almond milk – Smoothies + banana nice cream are staples for me, so I always keep almond milk on hand. Vanilla flavor > added sugar any day!
  4. hot sauce – My fiance and I love spicy food, so we always have at least 2 kinds of hot sauce in the fridge at all times. Right now, it’s sriracha and franks. I’d love to hear any other brands/flavors I need to try in the comments!
  5. avocados – I put avocados on everything from salads to bagel sandwiches. And who doesn’t love a little guac?
  6. iced coffee – I start my mornings with hot coffee, but move on to cold brew or iced throughout the day. Especially now that it’s getting warmer, iced coffee makes a nice afternoon treat!
  7. seltzer – Flavored polar is my standard mixer, so I always keep some on hand. Right now it’s cans of cranberry lime – my favorite!
  8. fresh pico – If you’ve never had Wegmans fresh pico, you need to run out and buy it right away. It’s pricey but SO good. I use it as salad dressing almost every day, and it makes a great snack with tortillas!
  9. mich ultra – Because to me, life is about balance. Work hard, play hard!
  10. baby carrots – These make a great snack in a pinch – fresh and sweet! I usually keep them with me at work, too.

What’s in your fridge?

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