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Friday Five 2.5.20

I don’t do these every Friday, but while I’m feeling so inclined, here are 5 random things I’m into right now!

1. Reusable straws

I drink enough cold brew and red wine to stain my teeth, and my dentist suggested drinking at least the cold brew through a straw. These have little colored pieces that serve as drink identifiers too so I can use them for labeling who’s drink is who’s when I make cocktails!

2. Bridgerton

I finished the show more than a week ago but I binged it pretty hard and am still thinking about it (already waiting for season 2). Not my usual style, but the Duke is a spectacle. Highly recommend.

3. This one-shoulder sports bra

I find cute workout outfits motivating and I am obsessed with this bra. Inexpensive, supportive enough for HIIT, so cute!

4. Changing up the lighting in my home

I recently added a happy light (mimics sunlight) and multiple Himalayan salt lamps to my workspace. I try to get sunlight and definitely get more in Charlotte than I ever did in Syracuse, but winter + a desk job still makes it challenging, so this light is a great addition to my space. I also use the Himalayan salt lamps to add soft lighting to my workspace and light my home once the sun goes down (to help regulate melatonin production I like to keep lights low).

5. Screen time/app limits

I added an app limit specifically to Instagram. It was my most-used app and I was sick of wasting time on it mindlessly scrolling and seeing people scream their opposing opinions at each other. Setting a limit keeps me around 30 minutes per day which is enough time to post what I want + connect with the people I care about. I started for the month of February and so far it’s been a great change. Next, I’m going to work on reducing my overall pick-ups per day to keep me present.

Share some of your Friday favorites with me in the comments!

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