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Friday Five 3.12.21

It’s Friday.. one of my favorite days of the week! I’ll take it as an opportunity to share 5 things I’ve been loving lately.

1. Biker shorts with pockets

Biker shorts have been having a moment since last year, and I hope they’re here to stay for a bit! I’m loving the fit, prints, and pockets these have. I’ve taken them squatting and running with no complaints, and the price is RIGHT.

2. Long line bras

These are so cute to wear as a top and make such an easy outfit with biker shorts or leggings. I’m still team athleisure (will that ever change?) and these are perfect for looking put together while wearing athletic clothes. I don’t work out in them (though they’d work for yoga), but since they’re low support they fit better into my wardrobe as a “wear out and about” piece.

3. My barbell + bumper plates

Having a barbell and plates at home has been huge for elevating my workouts. Cleans, deadlifts, squats, snatches.. nothing was the same with dumbbells. I know a lot of places have been sold out but I found this barbell in stock recently and they were delivered super fast.

4. Date night in a box

I succumbed to an Instagram ad (ironic since it’s my day job to target people with fb and IG ads) and subscribed to this date night in a box. I started out trying it because I got a great deal, but have loved it and continued my subscription. It’s nice to have a thoughtful way to spend time together each month without me having to do the grunt work of planning and setup (which gets harder when you have children). I recommend it, especially for anyone else who’s far down on the vaccine list like us!

5. One piece with cutouts

I finally got a one piece, but only because the cutouts and color blocking are sooo cute. I am obsessed with this suit and can’t wait to wear it! Just hoping the tan lines aren’t toooo bad. PS – it’s super inexpensive!

Let me know if you give any of these things a try. Happy Friday!

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