Behind The C’s Podcast Episodes

For those of you who don’t know, my husband has his own podcast, The Dynamic Leaders Podcast, as part of the Talent 409 Network. It’s a show where listeners can learn about leadership and other related qualities with some of today’s most successful business people and former athletes and coaches. There’s also a recurring segment with me, where we get more personal. I’ve linked each episode below for you to listen!

Episode 105

We give final pregnancy update before Stella arrives in July, share our concerns about the Coronavirus heating back up in North Carolina, and discuss what we’ve been doing to educate, learn and listen during the Black Lives Matter and anti-racism movement. You can also catch this episode on IGTV if that’s how you prefer to consume this content! Here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

Episode 99

We talk about finding your purpose and why that’s an important element in your life journey.

Episode 89

This is a continuation of Episode 83. We continue to talk about leadership and management, and I bring in real-life examples from my full-time job as a people leader at a marketing agency. There are even some tools for you to use to improve your leadership skills!

Episode 83

In the start of a two-part series, I talk about my growth as a leader working in people management and Colin provides his insight. I also bring in lessons learned from previous roles.

Episode 79

We chat about our exciting news involving Baby Cerniglia, who is due in July of this year. We also talk about our other goals and aspirations for the upcoming year.

Episode 74

We chat about our move to Charlotte, lessons we learned, and tips for anyone thinking about moving! I also have a post about this if you’re interested in learning more.

Episode 69

This one gets pretty personal as we chat about marriage hacks that we feel help us and can possibly help you in your relationship too.

Episode 62

We continue where we left off in Episode 57, getting deep into the second half of the 7 Pillars of Dynamic Leadership. In part two of our conversation, we cover the pillars: integrity, grit, communication, and emotional intelligence.

Episode 57

In the first part of a two-part series, we take a deep dive into the 7 Pillars of Dynamic Leadership. In part one of our conversation, we cover the pillars: courage, drive and accountability, and motivation. We also close the episode with a little teaser for upcoming fun in the Charlotte, NC area!