HIIT the Gym

As a fitness professional, I see a lot of people with gym memberships but no real “plan”. I also see a lot of stale, repetitive routines that aren’t delivering results. That’s where this program comes in. HIIT the Gym is a month-long program that combines HIIT and strength training to build muscle and boost your metabolism while conditioning your body. This program is ideal for anyone who enjoys high-intensity, bootcamp-style, constantly-varied workouts!

What you’ll get by downloading HIIT the Gym:

  • One month of programmed workouts
  • 3 HIIT workouts per week (all different, using a variety of fitness equipment)
  • 3 Strength workouts per week
  • 1 Rest day per week
  • Access to video explanations and demos

Download HIIT the Gym for a month of workouts designed for those looking to challenge themselves while sculpting their body!

Note: this is an advanced program. If you are a beginner, I recommend starting with HIIT at Home.

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