Personal Training

I am now opening up a few slots for one-on-one, virtual personal training! All fitness levels are welcome and access to a gym is not required. What does this entail?

Each payment will include:

  • One 30-60 minute introductory Skype/FaceTime call to evaluate goals, habits + movement patterns
  • One month of individualized workout programming (# of workouts per week varies based on individual commitment + needs)
  • Weekly Skype/Facetime meetings to discuss progress and evaluate movement patterns(1x/week)
  • Unlimited communication via text for questions, motivation and more

What are the benefits of virtual personal training?

  • Customized workouts: tailored to your needs, the type of training you enjoy, developed by an educated and experienced trainer
  • Flexibility: works around your schedule and what equipment you have access to
  • Accessibility: regular communication with an expert

Have questions? Send me an email!

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