Nutrition Coaching

Do you want to feel your best? Ready to ditch diets and commit to your health for good? Then you’re in the right place.

I’m a Precision Nutrition certified coach, and I’m ready to help you use nutrition to achieve your goals. After years of personal training and group exercise instruction, I saw that exercise is only one piece of the puzzle, and I wanted to help people find health and happiness holistically.

What sets me apart?

I take an approach that encourages consistency and lifelong change, not a quick fix. We start by working on your habits and aspects of your lifestyle that will have the biggest impact before we head into advanced strategies like macro tracking (if you ever even need to go that far to hit your goals). This is not dieting–we’ll focus on more than just food, as there are many other inputs that impact your health. But my biggest differentiator is the level of support I provide.

I recognize that you are a fellow human and will never ask you to “go all in” or tell you “there are no excuses, you just don’t want it bad enough”. As a coach, it is my role to help us come up with strategies together that you feel you can stick to. It is not my role to dictate your life to you and demand compliance. This is a relationship that requires work on both parts, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wants everyone to be healthy and happy more than me, so I will go above and beyond with support to help you get there.

What do you get?

My nutrition coaching package starts at $125/month but can be flexed up or down depending on your needs:
• Weekly check-in
• No diets: we take a lifestyle and behavior approach for sustainability, focusing on anything from habits to macros
• Text me anytime!
• Long term results

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