Skincare Product Recommendations

Your skin can say a lot about your health. Drinking enough water, eating the right foods, protecting yourself from the sun, and using quality products all make a difference. Read on to see my morning and nighttime skincare routines!

Morning Skincare Routine

My entire morning routine only takes about 10 minutes (unless it’s a hair wash day). I wash my face in the shower, then apply the following 3 products from FRE skincare. I choose FRE because it’s vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and they have options for all skin types. Use code STODDS for a discount at checkout!

  • Brighten me – Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream. It’s designed to increase your natural collagen production, prevent transepidermal water loss, and restore the protective barrier function of your skin to repair environmental damage. When I have had a bad night of sleep (or allergies are cropping up) this makes a big difference!
  • I Am Love – Deep Illuminating Facial Oil. This product was co-created with Global Yoga Instructor Talia Sutra. It’s an all-natural blend of 5 super-oils selected to create a wellspring of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients. They protect your skin, working to lock in moisture, provide hydration, and alleviate uneven, sun-damaged textures. I feel like I get the appearance of wearing highlighter but with more benefits!
  • Glow Me – Defense Tinted Moisturizer. I love the combination of SPF and tinted moisturizer. I haven’t worn face makeup in years – just putting this product on does the trick!

Nighttime Skincare Routine

At night, I take off my makeup and wash my face, then apply these 2 products from FRE skincare.

  • Revive Me – Deep Replenishing Serum. This product replenishes moisture & vitamins, regenerates collagen & cells. It’s made for active skin that frequently sweats and exercises, and combats the short and long-term damage caused by exercise and harmful environmental conditions. I find an extra glow in my skin from regularly using this product.
  • Recover Me – Night Cream. This product fights breakouts and UV damage while hydrating your skin. It’s based on an Argan Tree patent-pending formula that is more powerful than existing chemical solutions to fight UV damage and skin inflammation.

Taking care of my skin with high-quality, great-smelling products makes me feel like I start and end each day with a mini spa treatment. Don’t forget that code STODDS at checkout will save you $$!