People often think that getting healthy means overhauling your life with a strict diet and intense exercise program, but that is not the case. The “all-or-nothing” mentality usually starts with the best intentions but turns into “nothing” when you see it’s unsustainable.

This is a virtual group program designed to help you slowly make incremental changes in your life that culminate into 6 new healthy habits. With a few intentional minutes every day, you can have a huge impact on your health and life–and connect with others who are doing the same for additional accountability and support. This program focuses on water intake, bringing awareness to your eating habits, increasing daily movement (without workouts) and stress/sleep/recovery management.


This is NOT a workout program or macro tracking program. It’s the perfect add-on to any workout program (or to improve your health if working out is not in the cards). Let’s transform your health both mentally and physically!

The next group kicks off on March 1, 2021. Must have access to Facebook. Look out in your inbox for next steps after purchase!


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