HIIT at Home 2


Expertly-programmed HIIT workouts that can be done anywhere, no equipment necessary. PDF Download with Video Demos included.


Version 2 is here! If you downloaded HIIT at Home version one, you’ll LOVE version two. The programming is similar in style but with a few key upgrades, including additional movements.

What you’ll get by downloading HIIT at Home 2:

  • One month of programmed workouts that require no equipment
  • 3 HIIT workouts per week (all different, each time-based and applicable to all levels of fitness)
    • Mondays are lower body
    • Wednesdays are total body
    • Fridays are upper body
  • 2 LISS (low-intensity steady state) + Core workouts per week
  • 2 Rest days per week
  • Access to video explanations and demos

What can you do with 30 dollars and 30 days?


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