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2020 Holiday Gift Guides

‘Tis the season! I’ve pulled together some of my favorite products around themes: hair care and skincare. What other gift guides would you like to see?

Dry Shampoo
Leave In Conditioner
Un-frizz Cream
Healing Oil

Face Mask (great for mascne)
Under Eye Cream
Night Cream
Tinted Moisturizer

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Ideas for the Crossfit Athlete on Your List

Crossfit is a commitment, and most athletes who show up consistently are looking to improve and perform at their best. Get them a gift that helps them reach those goals. This roundup will help the crossfitter on your list tackle any WOD!

Gift Guide

  1. Lifters. Hands down, lifters were the best investment I have made since starting Crossfit. If you’re looking to hit new PR’s, stability and ROM are essential. Getting below parallel on a squat becomes much easier when your feet are locked in place.
  2. Grips. Crossfit athletes are known for their calloused (and often ripped) hands. Lifting and rig work (pull-ups, etc.) take less of a toll with the added protection grips provide.
  3. Jumprope. Double-unders are a crossfit staple, but they require a lot of practice to become proficient. Gift your crossfitter their own rope to practice at home. Bonus: unlike most gym equipment, a jumprope won’t break the bank or take up a lot of space.
  4. Foam Roller. Recovery is an important part of the training process, especially for someone who likes to go more than 3x/week. Help them ease sore muscles with a heavy-duty foam roller.

Stocking Stuffers:

  1. BCAA’s. Drinking BCAA’s during/after a workout is a great recovery tool. They help reduce muscle soreness and promote muscle building. This kind tastes so good I look forward to drinking it after my workouts.
  2. Hand salve. Sometimes even grips can’t stop hands from ripping if there’s a high volume workout. This salve will speed up the healing process and have the athlete on your list back in the gym ASAP!
  3. Wrist Straps. Overhead lifts put a lot of stress on your wrists. Wrist straps can provide extra stability (and may even help with a new PR!).
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Stocking Stuffers for Fitness Lovers

Christmas is only 8 days away! I think this is the first year that I’m actually done with my Christmas shopping with a reasonable amount of time to spare. I’m usually that person frantically shopping on the 23 because I used all my previous “gift shopping” trips to buy things for myself (just me?). For those of you who have a few loose ends to tie up, check out these stocking stuffers for the fitness lover in your life!

stocking-stuffers for fitness lovers

  1. Lululemon headband: It’s pretty much the only lululemon purchase you can make for under $50. Super cute and tames flyaways. I seriously can’t workout without a headband – and I’m sure I’m not the only one – so this would be put to great use.
  2. Quest Bars: Great flavor, low carb, high protein, little to no added sugar. They’re great after a workout, on-the-go, as dessert.. I could eat these all day long. You can’t go wrong with quest bars.
  3. Balega Hidden Comfort Socks: I know, I know, socks? These defy stereotypes though. People would be excited to receive these. They’re soft, last forever without developing holes, and are moisture wicking. Also, they’re pricier than cotton socks so people are less likely to purchase them for themselves, aka they make a great gift.
  4. Addaday Travel Roller: For massage and recovery on-the-go. Easy to bring to work, on planes or road trips. Great for stimulating blood flow and working out knots as-needed instead of waiting until you get home. Self-care is important to fitness lovers, and this gift will keep on giving.
  5. Massage Gift Certificate: If the fitness lover in your life recently competed (ran a race, participated in game day, etc) this will be sure to please them. Who doesn’t love a good recovery massage?

What’s on your Christmas list? What did you get the fitness lover in your life?