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6 Free Ways to Support Your Friend’s Business

Small businesses are often started out of passion and worked on well outside of the traditional work schedule. My husband and I both work on our businesses as “side hustles” – scrounging together time before and after logging into our full time jobs for the day. The time and monetary investments can really add up, but when you’re passionate about something, you find a way to make it work. And the good news is, as the friend of a small business owner, you can help support without spending any money at all!

Before we dive in on how to help, let me start by sharing a few of my favorite small businesses:
Talent 409 Leadership Academy – my husband’s business, inspiring women in sports through leadership and talent development. This is also accompanied by a podcast and a book.
Lumos Infrared Sauna Studio – located in Victor, NY. Sweating it out this beautiful studio is a great way to improve your health. Also, stop and talk to Rachel, the owner, if she’s there. She is one of my best friends and will make your day!
Work For Your Beer – this community of beer and fitness lovers started in CLT but is branching out to more and more cities. Their site is the hub for beer fitness events (think yoga at a brewery – aka, the recipe for a magical day)
Crossfit Dilworth – I tried a lot of gyms when I moved to Charlotte, and I landed here because I love the owners, the workouts, and the members. This gym is inclusive and the energy pushes you to perform without being in your face. Bonus: I coach here, so you can come work out with me!
Give them a follow on social to see more about why I love these businesses! Now, how else can you help support?

Free Ways To Support Small Businesses

  1. Engage with their content. Like, comment and share. I especially love seeing comments from friends on my Instagram posts – I know how much commenting helps with engagement and helps others see my posts. And a quick share to stories can go a long way. Last week, my friend shared a post of mine in her stories and SO many of her followers started following me that day. All of you who have shared my posts, THANK YOU and know that I appreciate you so much!
  2. Share kind words. Getting texts and DMs from friends who felt the content resonated with them or inspired them is so energizing. When you’ve been grinding, it means a lot to hear someone out there is listening.
  3. Suggest ideas for content or products. I love to hear what my audience finds helpful. While I may not execute on every idea, they are always welcome.
  4. Tell your friends about it. Sometimes we forget about traditional word of mouth sharing in the age of social media sharing. Telling your friends about a small business that may resonate with them helps build a fan base just as easily as social shares.
  5. Volunteer to help them. Are you a great graphic designer or a website wizard seeing your friend struggle through these aspects of their business? Volunteer a little time to create something for them, teach them, or provide them with quick tips.
  6. Leave a review. Share some positive impacts the business has had on you, even if you just follow along on social and haven’t purchased any products. It helps legitimize a business that is just getting its start!

Of course, monetary support is always welcome as well. In my case, you can support in the form of program purchases or clicking my affiliate links to shop.

How else have you helped a friend’s small business? Share your ideas below!