Level up your fitness

1:1 Customized Coaching Options For Fitness and/or Nutrition

Your health and fitness journey doesn't need to be arduous or extreme to deliver long-lasting results. In fact--your success will likely be higher if you aren't taking things to the extreme. Fitness can be fun, and you can enjoy your favorite foods all while pursuing your goals. My coaching style is built on meeting you where you're at. I work with empathy and expertise to guide you toward habit changes that bring you closer to your goals. See our options for working together below.


One-on-one training with a NASM Certified Personal Trainer that can be done anytime, anywhere, at a fraction of the cost of in-person training. This programming uses flexibility, accountability, and a personal touch to help you reach your goals! Workouts are customized to fit your needs and delivered via an easy-to-use app with back-and-forth video capabilities to ensure proper form.
Virtual Personal Training includes structured weekly check-ins as well as unlimited text communication as-needed.
Price listed is for 1 full year, discounts are available based on package duration. Can be combined with Nutrition Coaching.

01. Virtual Personal Training



One-on-one nutrition guidance provided by an experienced, Precision Nutrition certified coach. Whether you’ve been tracking macros for years or have never taken a hard look at you nutrition, I can help. My goal is for you to have a sustainable, long-lasting approach to nutrition. This means no crashing dieting, and we'll take a holistic look at your lifestyle and habits. Nutrition coaching includes structured weekly check-ins as well as unlimited text communication as-needed. 
Price listed is for 1 full year, discounts are available based on package duration. Can be combined with Virtual Personal Training.

02. Nutrition Coaching



This 5 day/week body part split program delivers evidence-based workouts designed to take your muscular development to the next level. This program is ideal for someone who has been weight training for more than 1 year and consistently works out 4+ days/week. Each workout uses minimal equipment and can be completed with dumbbells of varying weights and a pull-up bar. Programming is delivered in a free, easy-to-use app with videos of each movement.

03. Lifestyle Consults

$50/Call (30 minutes)


"I mulled around with coaching for years before deciding on working with Christine and Sweat with Stodds, but I am so happy I made this choice. Christine met me at my level, but helped me level-up and reach my nutrition and fitness goals. I never felt judged while working with her but always felt supported. She provided guidance that was tailored to me and took the time to truly understand my lifestyle, habits and goals. You can't go wrong with working with Christine in any form. It is extra helpful that she is super kind, caring and passionate about her work."

"You can't go wrong working with Christine in any form."

I've known Christine for longer than I can remember, but she's been my coach for almost 2 years now. Her knowledge of fitness and all things health is current, relevant and refreshing. The virtual programming she provides for my workouts is perfect for what I need - she 100% takes everything we talk about into consideration. The app she uses with her clients is really great too - the workouts are easy to follow, she posts great tutorial videos, responds to questions, leaves feed-back....she's truly better than anything I could ever ask for and I'm grateful!

"she's truly better than anything I could ever ask for"


Meet your new coach, Christine "Stodds" Cerniglia

Wife, #girlmom x2, and lover of all things health, fitness and wellness. Helping healthy habits fit into your daily life and getting you to feel like your best self are my calling.

Outside of my profession, I am obsessed with being outside. You can usually find me basking in the sun, laughing with my family and friends, sipping on a minimum of 3 beverages at once (cold brew, water, beet juice, a spicy tequila cocktail, hibiscus tea, a fruited sour beer.. truly the options are limitless). I am also frequently reading both a YA fantasy novel (any ACOTAR fans out there?) and self-help book (a la Untamed) at most points in time. If you offered me a vacation on the beach or in the mountains, relaxing or full of adventure, I would say "why not all of the above"? I'm an Enneagram 7 often mistyped as 3, and I LOVE connecting with new people. Hope you'll be next!


This guide details the same habits often used with 1:1 nutrition clients and walks you through nutrition strategies for beginners and the most seasoned nutrition veterans.