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Results and Words of Praise from Past Clients

"Highly recommend to everyone who is looking for a virtual trainer!

I met Christine in a park where I walked up to her and asked how can I get my legs to look like hers! Super toned and strong. Turned out I was in luck. Christine offered personal training and I signed up! 6 months later, all I can say is if you need a personal trainer that can fully customize every aspect of your training plan without compromising on its integrity, then she is the one for you! She worked with me to ensure I was pushed outside my comfort zone just enough to make progress, but not too much that I just gave up. She made the plans easy and sustainable to follow. She was a great sounding board when it came to discuss nutrition and macros and was willing to work with my likes and dislikes throughout our journey! Highly recommended to everyone who is looking for a virtual trainer!
- Saniya

"I loved the realistic approach Christine had."

I started working with Christine about 5 months after having major surgery, I was in need of losing the weight I had gained from inactivity and strengthen all the muscle I had lost from surgery. I loved the realistic approach Christine had, we never eliminated any food groups but instead had goals to limit certain things such (i.e. alcohol). The workouts were exactly what I needed during my recovery and we focused on NEAT movement as well. It took several weeks to really see progress but I never gave up thanks to an amazing coach that always cheered me on! I have worked with nutritionist in the past who would blame me for the lack of progress, but that was not the case this time, Christine offered constant encouragement. It took 9 weeks before the scale started moving and measurements changed but the plan we were on was realistic for long term wellness and it is something I can easily maintain. I am truly grateful for the past 3 months and looking forward to continued progress!

"You can't go wrong working with Christine in any form."

"I mulled around with coaching for years before deciding on working with Christine and Sweat with Stodds, but I am so happy I made this choice. Christine met me at my level, but helped me level-up and reach my nutrition and fitness goals. I never felt judged while working with her but always felt supported. She provided guidance that was tailored to me and took the time to truly understand my lifestyle, habits and goals. You can't go wrong with working with Christine in any form. It is extra helpful that she is super kind, caring and passionate about her work."
 - Kaylee



"Truly better than anything I could ever ask for"

"I've known Christine for longer than I can remember, but she's been my coach for almost 2 years now. Her knowledge of fitness and all things health is current, relevant and refreshing. The virtual programming she provides for my workouts is perfect for what I need - she 100% takes everything we talk about into consideration. The app she uses with her clients is really great too - the workouts are easy to follow, she posts great tutorial videos, responds to questions, leaves feed-back....she's truly better than anything I could ever ask for and I'm grateful!"
- Jenny



"Truly a life-changing few months!"

"Starting this journey, I never thought I would be in the place that I am with both working out and nutrition. I was a classic case of "do more cardio, eat less calories" for many, many years. I never fully understood how metabolism and nutrition worked together, along with incorporating strength training, and how it all plays together. Christine is one of those people who I felt safe enough to share my true struggles without feeling judged and helped me get to a place where I feel confident I can continue on this healthier journey for years to come. Truly a life-changing few months!"
 - Sara





"I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time even after the holidays!"

"I can’t thank you enough for coaching me these past 3 months. Your approach has really shed light on fitness and nutrition for me. I was in a huge rut and needed a refreshed outlook on it all. I thought nutrition would be the toughest part, it totally wasn’t! Your suggestions and tweaks made it so doable. I love workouts! They are challenging and time efficient. It’s so nice to know that you don’t have to do crazy amounts of cardio or spend hours at the gym. I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time even after the holidays! Thank you for the knowledge and helping me get stronger! I’m excited for Splits w/ Stodds. When I nail my first a chin up you’ll be the first to know"
 - Emily



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