About Me


Thanks for visiting! I’m Christine, but most people call me Stodds (my maiden name was Stoddard and it’s now my middle name!). I’m known for my love of all things health and fitness, but that’s really only one part of my life. I try to keep a solid balance of pushing myself to new limits physically while also enjoying dessert and never turning down a drink. Here you’ll find my workouts, healthified recipes, dates with my husband and general documentation of my life.


A few fun facts:

  • I’m a certified personal trainer through NASM and I have my CFL1
  • I have coached HIIT classes at gyms throughout Syracuse and Charlotte, and I currently coach at CrossFit Dilworth (soon to be rebranded, no longer a “CrossFit gym)
  • Ive been doing CrossFit consistently since 2014 (minus a brief hiatus where I tried just lifting)
  • I’ve loved running since I was 11 and never take a long break from it
  • I’ve run 2 marathons (Philly and Wineglass) and I’ll never do another
  • I’m married to the best man I know, we got married in December of 2017 and had the best. day. ever. We are expecting our first child in July 2020 – her name will be Stella!
  • I’m an SU grad (go orange!)
  • I rarely run with music (but on the treadmill I listen to podcasts)
  • Unless I’m told otherwise, I will show up anywhere in activewear or a dress – there is very little in between in my world
  • I’ll always pick Mexican or Italian when given the option to go out to eat


I’d love to hear more about you in the comments or via email! Enjoy and stop back soon!

Christine Colin Wedding-1462